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Seamless Smart Technology

Welcome To Votion

Our philosophy is simple. We want to help turn your house into a home. With cutting edge smart technology, we are helping you build an atmosphere you and your family can feel comfortable in. Your home is considered to be the most private space of all. It's your retreat from the stressful outside world and your personal sanctuary where you make the rules. Why not customize it to serve your exact needs on command, at the press of a button or with the sound of your voice. By adding a touch of personalization to your smart tech, you can really enhance the life you live.

  • Designed To Protect Your Wellbeing

    In life, it's the little things that matter. Votion smart tech was designed to deliver the ultimate safety, security and peace of mind possible. When it comes to your family, nothing can be too secure. We get it and want to help you live free from the stresses and dangers of expensive utilities and uncertainty. Essentially, Votion products stand as your frontline protection safeguarding your interests.

  • Stay Secure From Prying Eyes

    With Votion, all your data is stored locally on your home network. You can be confident in the fact that you are always protected from potential data leaks. We don't transmit your data to any Votion cloud. This means there are no third parties waiting to intercept your information. We understand how much you value your privacy and have gone to great lengths to make sure Votion products will never violate your trust.

We believe in

  • Asset 10
    No Monthly Fees

    Purchase your Votion smart products and your good to go. No Fees anytime!

  • Asset 8
    No Data Storing

    We aren't in the business of collecting or selling your data.

  • Asset 7
    No Account Registration

    Never be bothered with time consuming registration. Its plug and play!

  • Stay In Harmony At All Times

    When you feel good, the rest of your life is good. Whether you are away from home or sitting in your living room, you will feel connected to your entire home. It's a powerful feeling and one that will change your life. How would it make you feel to live a simpler life? All of our products have been designed to improve your life and take a load off your shoulders. As they say, “Once you go smart, you will never go back”. Discover how we can make your life simpler today.

  • Clean Lined Beautiful Designs

    Votion's sleek product designs and clean lines will blend harmoniously into your home and space. Not only are our products incredibly powerful, they look good to. Feel proud to show off your home to friends and family with Votion products seamlessly integrated around your property.