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Door & Window

Door & Window

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  • Never Again Wonder If You Close That Door

    We all sometimes second guess
    whether we closed the door or not.
    Now, you can double check on the spot.

  • Leverage Data To Stay Well Informed

    Utilize the power of your network to
    determine when your doors and
    windows were last opened and if they
    have been closed.

  • Configure Your Space To Work For You

    Leverage Apple HomeKit to
    automatically initiate certain devices as soon as you return home.

  • Technical Details

    Dimensions (W x L x H): 56.84mm x 56.92mm x 19.58mm
    Weight: 68.2g
    Model: VMS100
    Input: AAA x2
    Output: None
    Protocol: Bluetooth
    Certifications: FCC / CE
    Supported Platforms: Apple HomeKit